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Getting Paid For Items Youve Sold

Goodwill has become more and more expensive, but you can still find underpriced items. There are also Goodwill outlets that sell items by the pound. I’ve heard those are good sources but don’t have one near me. Although Nathan started selling items on eBay from around the house, when he got serious about making more money, he started looking for items to buy and resell. Look around, including the place you’re thinking of selling your item, and then you should get a good feel for the price you’ll be able to charge – AND get.

Getting Paid For Items Youve Sold

If you already have a PayPal account set up, simply click on the button to link it to your eBay account and follow the directions. If you don’t have a PayPal account, click on the button to create a new account. If you don’t already have an Getting Paid For Items Youve Sold eBay account, go to and click on “register” to create an account so you can sell on eBay. Spending 5-6 hours per week to make $500 – $1,000 is a very realistic side hustle that could have a huge financial impact for most people.

Looking to sell your extra stuff? Here are the best resale apps and websites so you can make some extra cash

Once the shopper has landed on your product page and looked at the photos/video of your product, the next thing they will look at is the description of your item. If not, try adding as many keywords as you can within your description. That is odd and I am noticing that as well for some categories. Try listing your product in a different category, if possible. Why on my marketplace page, there is no availability option? Starting with Title then Price that means no shipping option.

You won’t be able to see that but anyone who views your listing will. Your item may not have a ton of interest yet or maybe the price is too high. Also, you can always renew the post so it goes back to the top.

Step 3: Where to source products to sell on Facebook

This information can help you better understand what products are selling well and may help you identify new opportunities for selling products on eBay. After your item has sold, it’s important to ensure you receive the payment. When the auction ends, the winner will be notified so he or she can make the payment. Ensure you don’t ship the item until that payment has been made. Details – Be sure you’re giving enough details in the listing and description to help buyers make an informed decision. The specifics you should include will depend on the product.

  • According to eBay, the managed payments option is being rolled out over the next few years, into 2021.
  • More keywords in your product’s description will give it a better chance of being found through a search on eBay.
  • The first step in optimizing your listing is knowing the keywords that potential buyers will use to search for your product.
  • So, to avoid refunds, always describe your items fully in your product description.
  • Free and with no transaction fees, 5Miles, an app for local selling and buying, is another option for selling stuff locally.

For as long as most people can remember, users have needed a PayPal account to be able to have an eBay seller account. However, all this changed last year when eBay and PayPal parted ways after being entwined as the preferred payment method for over a decade. So, do you still need a PayPal account to sell on eBay?

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